EN 057


U20 upper tensioner shim kit which consists of copper shims, total of (3), and upper tensioner outer gasket in case it gets damaged during the shim installation) and zip ties to hold the tensioner foot in place when removing and then reinstalling the tensioner.  Aftermarket.

To use this kit, determine the approx. freeplay of the foot so you know how many shims to use.  Stuff some rags down into the front cover area below the upper tensioner to prevent parts removed from falling down into that area or down into the oil pan.  Zip tie the foot against the tensioner body before removing the whole tensioner assembly.  Once removed, cut the zip tie, install the number of shims needed, zip tie the foot tight again and replace the tensioner gasket (if damaged) before reinstalling the tensioner.  Once installed, bend over the locktabs on the tensioner bolts then cut the zip tie and remove it and the rags.  While you're at it, you might check to make sure the upper guide bolt that bolts it into the cylinder head is in place as it's often missing .and / or forgotten.

A quick, inexpensive solution to the "death rattle" problem of the U20 engine; these are a wise purchase to prevent engine damage (pistons, valves, front cover, cam cover, etc.) due to "chain slap".  Depending on the amount of chain stretch, you may need anywhere from 1 - 4 of these shims; each shim measures approximately 0.086" thick.