LE 121


Alternative turn signal assembly / switch for all 1968 311 model year roadsters and only that model year.  OEM Niles, Japan. 

This switch was originally for a different Datsun vehicle of the same era but is nearly identical to the Roadster switch and even has the high beam functionality of the original switch.  The only differences we see are the handle angle is slightly different (original is straight, this one has a slight bend) and there are 2 small screw holes on the factory switch (don't recall on my 68 2000's whether the holes are even used though) where this switch only has one drilled and tapped and it's' a different diameter than the factory switch.

If the handle angle doesn't work for you, you can always remove the pivot pin and install your original handle or bend this one straighter (I've tried and it's not too hard to bend).