SS 107R / C

$132.00 + core

Reconditioned upper ball joint for all 310 and 311 model roadsters. 

This ball joint has been professionally inspected and reconditioned as follows by a suspension company that sells parts world-wide; the ball joint was disassembled, blued to check for wear and / or cracking of the wear surfaces and if wear was noted, also checked to confirm the wear was still within industry tolerances.  If so, it was reassembled, greased and a new boot installed and zerk fitting furnished.

To keep a supply of this part available for others, there is a $ 40.00 core charge added to the part cost if we have not received your rebuildable core before purchase.  Certain types of ball joints are not rebuildable so send us a photo of yours before you send it to us for a core refund so we can make a preliminary assessment.

Your core must make it back to us within 30 days of the date we shipped you your reconditioned part in order for us to issue you a core credit.  Once we receive your core(s), we'll ship them off to the company that reconditions them and once they confirm your core(s) is rebuildable, we'll issue you a refund of your core charge.