EN 042UV

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Used R16 metric engine front cover (later style with larger mounting bolt holes) for the 67.5 - 70 SP(L)311 model roadsters.  Used Nissan. 

A new seal can be purchased under the gaskets/seals/rubber category, engine subsection, part number GS 118 or GS 119.

The picture shown is one example of many that we have.  The "V" in the item code indicates that we have a variety of covers.  The price varies from $ 25.00 - $ 55.00 depending on condition and parts attached such as oil pan studs, timing pointer, hose holddown, etc.). 

If you wish to order this part, let us know what you need accessory-wise.  We can send you pictures, if you would like, to check out the exact part you'll receive before we invoice you for payment.