TL 033


"Square oval" style key blank usually for the later 311 model roadster door, console and / or gas cap locks.  This key blank is for locks that use the 1000 / 5000 series key blank.  Price is for one blank.  Aftermarket, USA.

The lock series number is usually found stamped on the lock face of the early dash mount ignition switch, console lock and the gas cap lock (under the swivel lid) and on the side of the barrel for the door and trunk locks (not visible without removal). Some Datsun / Nissan roadster replacement locks do not have the series number visible at all. It is common to have 2 , 3 or even 4 different keys for the same car and each key may also be a different series blank.

Please compare the pattern and location of the groove on each side of the blank to confirm it matches what you need.