Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't there prices on some of the items in the Rare Parts "RP" category?

Parts in this category are fairly rare.  In most cases, there are so few of them available that it makes it difficult to establish what the price should be. The item may show incorrectly as "out of stock" but that's usually due to the way the website software prices parts if no price is listed.

Since these parts are fairly rare, I have a desire to see them go to owners who are doing major restorations and are active in the Roadster community.  The price I receive for the part is of lesser importance; it doesn't mean I will "give" the part away price-wise, but that I am motivated by things other than just money.

In most cases, I don't have a specific price in mind, but rather a price range.  If you're interested in purchasing one of the unpriced rare parts, send me an email with what you're willing to pay.  If it's in the price range, it's yours to buy, even if it's at the bottom of the range.  Fair offers are rewarded that way; I don't use your offer as a starting point to bargain with you and try to get you to pay more.

In case you wonder, my original roadster bought way back around 1975 (actually my 2nd one) is a daily driver and my other one is a major restoration project.  Even with the collection of parts I have access to, some of these rare parts will end up on other Roadster owners' cars.  Though I am in the process of doing a full restoration on one of my cars, I really don't see either of my cars as being the best example to showcase some of these rare parts.

Do you stock the items you show on your website?

Yes, in the vast majority of cases, the parts shown on our website are in stock unless the item shows as "out of stock"; we don't list parts to make it look like we stock more parts than we do. We do, however, keep some rare part photos posted to aid others in identification of those parts.  Occasionally, we run out of an item or our inventory count is incorrect so an item showing as "in stock" is not.  There may be a delay until it is restocked or the item may carry the dreaded "NLA"; No Longer Available. We do not, however, collect your money, then order the part and make you wait while the part gets here! Sometimes, an item will show as "out of stock" because the inventory hasn't been updated after a recent purchase changed the quantity to zero.

If an item is out of stock, we will notify you and ask if you would like to delay the entire order, ship the remainder of the order and ship the out of stock item when we receive it or cancel the out of stock item and ship the remaining items.  We reserve the right to correct errors in pricing, description, and / or quantities available.

How do you select what parts to stock?

We try to stock as many items as possible and are constantly searching out new parts and new sources for parts.  As the cars age, the number and variety of parts continue to diminish, and as a result, what we stock will vary over time.  Some parts we stock we may have 10 or more while other parts we may have only 1 or 2 and the prospect of finding more looks dim.  Parts that are rare or in short supply will normally be moved to the "Rare/Unidentified" category so you might want to look there if you don't see the part in the caregory you expect it to be.

Are the parts you sell new? used? reconditioned? Nissan? OEM? Aftermarket?

The easy answer is all of the above.  Our goal is to stock mostly new Nissan parts.  However, we understand that not everybody wants or feels the need to use new factory parts so we also stock new OEM and aftermarket parts and we let you decide.  We include in the part description what type each part is and the country of origin, if known, to the best of our knowledge to help you make your decision. 

We also carry a smaller selection of used, reconditioned, and rechromed parts - these are identified with a "U" or "R" after the part number.  Typically, these parts are fairly rare new so this provides another avenue to help keep more Roadsters on the road without having to spend as much money as buying a new part.

 Are you interested in buying or trading for some of my NOS parts?

Possibly.  NOS parts in their original packaging are most valued by all parties present and future.  If you're interested is selling or trading NOS parts you have, contact me (email is best) with a list of what you have along with as much information as you have (part numbers, condition, pictures, etc.) and a contact phone number and we'll go from there.

More Legal Stuff

All used parts available on this website are just that, used parts.  When buying any part, new or used, but especially with used mechanical parts, brake parts or any part that uses or contains fuel, it is the installer's and / or end user's responsibility to confirm the parts' condition and fitness for use.  We assume no liability whatsoever for any part, new or used, and make no guarantee expressed or implied about the functionality or fitness for use of any part.  We are willing to assist you in your new part warranty claim with Nissan should one arise, but the final decision is between you and Nissan Motor Corp., not us.

We believe any used parts we sell to be in serviceable condition and would install them on one of our vehicles (we wouldn't sell them overwise) however you must make the same decision for your vehicle.  Since we didn't manufacture these parts, whether new or used, and we're not installing them, the buyer accepts and assumes any and all liability.  If after receiving and inspecting a used part, you're not comfortable with your used part purchase or if you would like to return a new part, you can return it for a refund of the part price minus a 12% restocking charge for used parts (new parts returned carry a 17% restocking charge) with shipping cost excluded both directions unless the error was caused by us in which case we will reimburse you for reasonable return costs (reasonable being defined as a cost similar to the cost paid for outbound shipping of the part).  You must contact us first to let us know you would like to return a part so we can keep an eye out for it and you must return it with 30 days of when you originally received the part.  This 30 day limitiation also applies to the return of cores for credit.

Per California Prop 65: WARNING: Products sold may contain chemicals and other compounds known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  Working with old cars and their parts, especially old friction material and gaskets, can expose you to hazardous products; it is advised that you handle them properly, store them safely and wash your hands after handling or working with them.