Ordering from this website may be a little different from other websites.  Since the inventory level of roadster parts varies considerably, our shopping cart will take your order but does not require payment at that time.  It will send your order to us and allow us to confirm that the parts are in stock, pull the order, and detemine the shipping / insurance charge.  If there are any parts shortages, we will notify you at that time.

We then contact you through email with a copy of the invoice and send a payment request.  For most parts, we accept Paypal payment but certain parts, due to their rarity or value, will require the order be paid in full by USPS money order (2 day hold / order delay) or by check (10 day hold / order delay) rather than Paypal.  If your order includes any parts of this type, we will let you know.  Parts in our "Rare Parts" category, expensive parts, and / or large part orders will normally trigger this requirement. 

When parts which fit this requirement are shipped, they are shipped fully insured except for body panels.  We custom build wood boxes to ship your body panels in rather than rely on cardboard to protect them from damage but you also should understand and you agree to accept the possibility of panel damage during shipping as a condition of the sale.  Shipping insurance for body panels is non-existent or so expensive as to make it impractible and we have yet to have a panel damaged that was shipped in one of our custom-built wooden boxes.

We have chosen not to have our own credit card mechant account as we have heard of numerous breaches of credit card information and we prefer not to expose your credit card information to that risk.  Paypal charges us a little more to use their service than a regular credit card account but we never see your payment information so our business is one less place your information can be compromised or hacked.

Once your payment has cleared, we will ship your order promptly (usually within 48 hours of your cleared payment) and email you tracking information if you so desire so you know it's coming.  If there will be an additional delay, we will contact you to let you know.

Legal Stuff

Per California Prop 65: WARNING: Products sold may contain chemicals and other compounds known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Due to the large volume of data on this website, it is inevitable that errors will creep in.  As a result, we reserve the right to correct any visual or textual errors without obligation.

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