DT 275


Clutch kit for all 65 - 70 311 model roadsters; includes pressure plate (considered heavy duty for the 1600 but standard / stock clamping pressure for the 2000), clutch disc, throw-out bearing, pilot bushing, and alignment tool.  (All Aftermarket, Japan / US parts except for alignment tool and possibly the pilot bushing (Aftermarket).

All parts shown are manufactured as a complete kit by Daikin / Exedy specifically for the Datsun roadster; also included but not shown is a packet of pilot bushing grease.  This kit can also be used in the SPL311 and is also often used in the 510.  This pressure plate (Daikin / Exedy NSC 581) cross references to the original Nissan 30210-20100 pressure plate which is listed at 600kg clamping pressure.  Though stronger than the original 465kg pressure plate for the SPL311, this kit can and is often used for that application as well.